Sing Your Affirmations 2


This meditation affirmation will …


By-pass conscious resistance and make affirmations a fun and easy part of life.  This creation is designed to passively and enjoyably listened to for more love, abundance and connection to embodied empowerment; bringing light, hope and well being via music and carefully crafted lyrics. Openly and intentionally re-programming our creative and powerful minds for more expanded, grounded confidenceself-love and self-permission to shine and BE all that we are. 

2 CDs, 10 tracks on each album
Download song lyrics included here in product images.



Sing Your Affirmations 2

Lyrics included in product images.

Here is a link to the iTunes Australian Store:

Here is a link to Google Play:

If the link doesn’t work (it can depend on the country you are in)  please type my name [iesha delune]  into the search field of your chosen music retailer and the digital download will become available.


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