I was recently asked the question: “Would you want to marry you?”

My answer was a resounding “Hell yes!” thinking of the way I treat a partner. I see their potential; I want to support them to reach higher, go deeper, to love and adore themselves. I’ve gone to great lengths to love, encourage and support loved ones in their goals, hoping wholeheartedly that they reach for their dreams, and live them. I plan special things for birthdays; I remember the small details; I want them to feel loved, sexy and fabulous. I don’t want them to go without. Harsh words are not my thing, fighting is not my thing, what I prioritise more than any other aspect of relating with a partner is shared understanding, mutual support, living in alignment with our values and the growth that comes with that. So, hell yeah, I’d love to marry someone who offered me all of that!

Then, a distinction became clear and I asked myself a new question: “Would I want to marry me, based on how I treat myself?”

I would like to ask you the same question. If the way you talked with yourself, in the privacy of your own mind, was the way a new partner was talking with you, would you want to get closer and marry them?

Would the way you treat your body and the emotional freedom you allow yourself be attractive to you in a potential partner?

How kind, patient and understanding are you to yourself? Is it significantly different to what you offer others?

If so, perhaps you would like to join me in this exciting and new type of relationship I’ve just committed to.

On November 16th 2015, I made the commitment to marry myself – I’ve even “put a ring on it” because I really do love myself. From now on, I am going to offer myself the loving support I would offer my partner-for-life – someone I wanted to feel loved and adored. I’m going to complement myself. I’m going to focus on what I achieve through the day, rather than what is left undone. I’m going to remind myself how far I’ve come.
At the moment I’m editing audios for my business and, at times, it’s frustrating because I’ve got my Learner Plates on. As frustration comes up, I now tell myself, “Hey sweetheart, you’ll get there. You always do. You’re amazing and this will soon be something that is easier for you. No one is confidant with something they just started learning. If you get stuck, you’ll ask for help – I love that about you. You never stay stuck for long.” It is such a relief to speak with myself this way, rather than with the sometimes nasty judgment that can still creep in, even after all these years of working on myself.

I’m two days into my marriage and I feel wonderful! I’ve said more positive, loving, acknowledging and comforting words to myself in the last two days than I would have in the previous 3 months (or longer!). Yes I know, I’m in the honeymoon period, but I never want to walk away from myself, and great marriages require respectful communication, quality time & shared yumminess. So, today I cooked myself a delicious, healthy lunch and sat outside to spend quality time with myself, instead of eating at my computer while ticking jobs off lists. I’m going to buy myself more prezzies, schedule in more time alone to relax, create and commune with myself – sharing my deepest longings and feelings with ME. I’m going to make more time to spend with friends and family because that’s the kind of thing you with and for the ones you love.

So . . . on November 16th 2016 I will be celebrating my first anniversary. I wonder what delightful experiences I can have in a year of being in a practically loving, kind, soulful, committed relationship with Me. I did turn 40 this month and it’s time to get serious about decadent self-love and radical self-appreciation.

Would you marry you, based on how you treat your partner, or partners of your past?

Would you marry you, based on how you speak to and treat yourself?

Would you like to join me in this new kind of soul mate relationship, between Beautiful You and Beautiful You?

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Wishing you a magical, love-filled day!

Love Iesha