Your innate wisdom is guiding you each and every day.

Do you know how to listen and follow this guidance?

I am writing today because I want you to know a wonderful and potentially life-changing truth about Beautiful You. You are magnificent, not just “enough” but truly wondrous. Man or woman, teenager or octogenarian (and everything in-between). I see you. I see that unique essence of who you truly are, underneath all of those well-practiced behaviours and all the “should’s” we feel obligated by out of habit.

Your feelings are feedback from your essence to keep or to change actions or circumstances. The stirrings of dissatisfaction or discomfort all the way through to stress, anxiety, depression and explosive anger (and, again, everything in-between) –  feedback. Your essence is asking for change.

Think of it like this: Imagine you walk into a room, quite cold from being outside, and decide to sit in front of the open fire to warm up. You are listening to your body’s wisdom, I’m cold, I need to warm up and there’s a potential solution right in front of me. So you sit nice and close and begin to feel the thawing effects of the radiant heat. After a while, you start to get a bit too hot. What do you think will happen if you don’t follow that new guidance that it’s time to move away a little? Wouldn’t it look unusual if someone, whose pants had caught fire from sitting too close to a fire, called for pain killers to numb the feedback, rather than listen to their innate wisdom that would be, by that stage, screaming, “Move away from the fire!”.

There are millions of people all over the world that are doing this with the feedback from their innate wisdom. Numbing or staying intensely distracted so as to not feel, hear and listen to what their own truth is guiding them towards. It’s OK if you are doing this. You are the artist of your own life and my message is that you get to choose. If you choose to stop and don’t know what to do with the cacophony of physiological feedback and mental noise, then please reach out for some support, rather than finding a new numbing tool or distraction.

I have been on my own healing and personal development journey since I was 19 years old and I’m now 42. I have learned and practiced so many different tools and modalities. I no longer have any certificates on the walls because they all sit in a filing cabinet – it’s not the part of my work that matters. What I now realise and my own essence is guiding me to shout to the rooftops is this:

  • You are unique – wonderfully so!

  • You have your own care label, like a plant, and when you follow it you will thrive.

  • Modelling another person’s way of being deeply satisfied with life and themselves will most likely not work for you without tweeking it to suit your own unique self. This is not because there is anything wrong with you, you’re just you and therefore not them.

  • The solution is in getting in touch with the deeper, truthful essence of You.

  • This essence of yours has been trying to guide you all along and it’s easier than you may think to receive, understand and follow its wisdom.

For some of you, the whisperings of dissatisfaction from your essence will be simple. Perhaps you are a creative person, recently over-committed, and you’ve not had a creative outlet for a bit too long. Perhaps you are a very social person, enlivened by great company and meaningful conversation and, as you read this and mentally have a look around your circumstances of late, you realise there’s been none of that. You may be an intelligent and capable person who isn’t utilising your capacity – you’re busy but frustratingly bored and your essence is guiding you towards more stimulation and satisfaction. You may be over-stimulated and your essence is craving space and time to ‘be’ more (with less ‘do’).

For others, going with the plant care label analogy here, you’ve planted yourself in soil where you could never thrive.

What is heartbreaking when I see this in my work is that, usually, the person in this situation comes to me feeling that they are they problem. They’ve looked around and seen the other plants (people) thriving under the same conditions they cannot tolerate and feel inadequate.

I ask you now, if you bought a fruit tree that thrives in the tropics and planted it in Tasmania (closest land mass to Antartica), would you expect it to bear fruit and live a long, productive and happy life?

You are unique and you have a care label. Learning to know yours and follow the guidance you have, on board, all the time, allows you to trial and correct in life to find your ideal soil/conditions and company.

What motivates and inspires one person to get up each day, excited by life will be different to the next person’s. Please don’t ever look at what someone else is feeling and decide they have anything you don’t have. They just know their recipe, consciously or unconsciously, choosing thoughts and activities that generate that congruency (mind, body and energy all in alignment with goals).

Connecting with your essence and learning to follow its guidance is the fastest and least painful way to profound healing and growth.

You are magnificent and you deserve to feel enlivened, inspired and also the deep peace that comes from living in your Truth.

I urge you to care about yourself enough to dive into these ideas. We are surrounded by a blaming culture. So many people blame their stress on their partners, children, workplace, family and/or their start in life. If these things are stressful, then it’s feedback that something needs to change, practically or perceptually.

I appreciate that this is broad-spectrum advice. I am here if you want to talk through your specific circumstances.


How I can support you:

With deep love in my heart for you all and for this work – true empowerment, owned by each person.

I thank you for reading!

Love Iesha