I began my training in 1995 as a massage therapist. I had observed and experienced the power of touch and massage to release physical and emotional stress and I wanted to move from working corporately into helping people that way. This began a personal and professional journey, learning and applying tools for grounded empowerment in body, mind and presence that continues to date. Between 1995 and 2006, this journey included training, practice and sharing (in sessions and workshops) Meditation and breathing techniques, Reiki healing, Qi Gong, Reflexology, Ajna Tibetan Healing(™), metaphysics, Colourpuncture, Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy and wholistic counselling.

Starting in 2003, while pregnant with my first child, and through today, I’ve invested in the trainings that have led to my business in its current form. These include wholistic counselling, extensive training in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Life Coaching, Time-Line therapy, hypnosis techniques, mediation, mindfulness, business development, entrepreneurship, public speaking, non-fiction writing, workshop creation and facilitation.

In 2004, rather than return from maternity leave, I exited working corporately and began Wholistic Vitality. I have since run thousands of one-on-one sessions, workshops and seminars, mentoring people to get life sorted and feel radiantly alive. Throughout the years my focus has always been on personal empowerment, not a heightened and unsustainable state, but the grounded connection of belief in oneself and one’s dreams. I know that we all have the tools needed to find and be our authentic selves. Throughout all these years of teaching and private practice, I have seen so many cases of depression and anxiety positively transformed when circumstances are worked, supporting goals and life direction come into alignment with personal values. I have also seen countless individuals invest in themselves, not due to intense hardship but out of a desire to be the best version of themselves.

It is an honour and privilege to have what I consider to be the best job on Earth. Supporting people to play and live in their potential – Healing of the past, ending of blame, trusting of self, daring to dream, experiencing the ongoing inspiration of values-aligned living, goal achievement, improved relationships and finances, satisfying work-life balance, less stress and so much more joy. ~ Iesha Delune

Over the years of supporting others to achieve their personal and professional goals, I’ve also achieved my own. Some of the professional highlights have been:

2009 – Writing and recording “Positively Funky – affirmations for anybody, anytime and anywhere” A 10 track cd of musical affirmations – music to uplift the mood and affirmations to uplift thought patterns.

2011 – Releasing my first e-book “How to set goals you’ll actually achieve” A practical guide to the essential foundations of goal setting and achieving.

2013 – Writing and publishing “The Answer – 42 days of connecting with your Authentic Personal Power” A practical instruction manual and workbook, teaching the reader, step by step, how to connect with their personal power in a genuine and heartfelt way

2015 – Creation and release of Soulmate Self, my first permanent online program. Practical lessons to develop positive self-worth and treat yourself with the kindness and love that you offer others.

2016 – Writing and recording Sing Your Affirmations 2 Specially designed music and intentionally crafted lyrics to enhance living with an energised and positive attitude.