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We all have a past that we store the memory of, a present and a future we imagine.  

In my work we begin by taking a good inventory of the present and also any future that you may be wanting to avoid or create. Together, we plot the path from where you are to where you would like to be. This is possible, even when we begin with no future goals other than “I want to feel better than I do now”.

On this journey forward, we may have to glance back, to gain the learning possible from your past. If you have made it through painful times, we honour and respect that while gleaning the positive. The focus however is on supporting and nourishing present-day you. You have the innate ingredients to connect with all that you are and, with support, to set and achieve the goals you desire.


Connect to hope and possibilities and make use of your innate potential!


The predictable results from sessions are:

  • Redefining of yourself to allow for transformational changes
  • Enhancing your communication skills. Learning tools to facilitate better mutual understanding and greater connections
  • Identifying your goals and any barriers to successful achievement
  • Structure and planning as needed, often in the areas of career, personal life and/or financially
  • Clarity around your values and applying that information to enhance all life areas. Working towards your life circumstances congruently reflecting what is meaningful and worthwhile for you.
  • Maximising your strengths and strengthening your weaknesses
  • Greater self esteem and self belief, which in turn positively fuels each of these other dot points

Achieve your life goals in a congruent & sustainable way so as to be living a deeply satisfying life.



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