Kind Words

My husband said: “I don’t know what you’re doing, but keep on doing it!”

Sue, Mt Martha

A little more specifically:

  1. Iesha has stood behind the best me and my aspirations. That has changed my life.
  2. Iesha has helped make pure and clear my attitude to life, discarding all of the unproductive ideas. This has made me free.
  3. Iesha has given me many different tools to allow my self-empowerment, by removing all of the blocks to that self-empowerment, in such a way that it is not just a notion but a life change, to being totally in charge of my reality.
  4. With Iesha’s succinct support, I have been on a journey of coming home to my true nature, and life feels simpler, much happier, and much freer. A self-empowerment that was blocked before, gives my life meaning now. There’s no better feeling.
  5. Iesha has helped me to be in charge of my thoughts and not to run from anything. That has given me the truest freedom. With Iesha’s help, my early life conditioning no longer has me in a prison of the mind, and I choose which thoughts and feelings influence my present life, rather than-even unbeknownst to me-letting my present be shaped  by past fears. This (now) is the way life is meant to be.”
L.K. (Artist)

“Before I came to see Iesha, I was stuck in my own world of guilt and anxiety. Each day I felt angry and could not get past these emotions on my own.

Iesha worked with me using NLP which was amazing, I have previously been to see counsellors and psychiatrists which helped for awhile but never really got to the core of the problem. Iesha helped me face my issues and really deal with them. I also tried the Ajna Tibetan Healing which was so good to release all those pent up emotions in my body.

I can’t explain exactly how the treatments worked, and it wasn’t overnight, but when I was nearly at the end of my sessions of NLP I woke up one Saturday morning and I was done!! I was done feeling bad and wasting time on trying to change or fix things from the past.. It was the most amazing feeling. I felt like I had woken up out of a horrible dream and was finally ready to move on”.

Bianca (Delivery Operations Administrator)

“I felt different even after the first session, as if i had been put back into my body with a fresh start…”

Helen, Doncaster