Maybe you’re killing it in your career….or you have a great relationship…..and life, from the outside looks pretty damn great.

But somethings missing.

You have these feelings of deep yearning inside you for something more….you just don’t know what that more is. Or, you know what it is, but have no idea how to get there, starting from where you are!

Sound familiar?

For over 20 years I’ve been working with high achievers to create epic and lasting internal transformations that help them to be living the lives they TRULY want to live. Over 15 of those years have been in my own business as a corporate and private coach, trainer and facilitator.

Most high-achievers are great at painting over the cracks and keeping busy to avoid doing that deeper work. It’s feels so much more empowering, fun and satisfying to stick with the areas of life that are rocking along beautifully. It’s easier to say things like, “that’s just how it is, no point complaining about it” or “no one is perfect” than to address hurt, sadness, pain, shame, guilt, dissatisfaction or resentment.

There are two types of happiness and most high-achievers are masterful with the first type: Surface Happiness. We can create this temporary lift in the moment with a shift in focus or activities that produce “happy” hormones like dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins. We can do this by listening to music we love, shopping, exercising, having fun, orgasmic sex or achieving goals in an area of life where you’ve already proven to be a success.

The second type is the Soul-Deep Happiness that we experience naturally and sustainably when living in alignment with all that we truly are and THIS is the key.

Because no amount of time spent in Surface Happiness, is addressing those deeper callings, like correcting relationships where you are fundamentally disrespected. 

None of it will make that person suddenly value you more highly without you addressing the situation directly.

No amount of achieving awesome but unrelated goals in one area of your life will teach you how to set boundaries and feel great about it in that other area. 

No amount of letting off steam with exercise will correct the stressful circumstances you’re still in and give you the self-awareness and skills you need to reprioritise, or communicate with clarity and self-respect (it is a temporary reprieve only).

Ongoing negative feelings or stress are signals for you to notice the areas of your life that need your attention. You are an amazing person who has already demonstrated that you can pick a goal, give it your all and achieve results. It’s time to shine your powerful light on that area you’ve been ignoring, because it is not going to change until it receives the new insights and wisdom we can give it together. This is when we truly achieve lasting change and the second type of happiness I spoke of earlier.

Before we go any further I think I need to address the term “high-achiever” because being a high-achiever can take many forms and isn’t just associated with high-flying lawyer types.




The person who has spent years focused externally, pouring all of their time, energy and resources into other people’s dreams and goals, without putting themselves onto the list of people to prioritise.




The person who is enjoying career success, pumping more and more energy into that part of their life and avoiding the feelings of loneliness and dissatisfaction in their relationship.




The stay-at-home parent who has prioritised consciously parenting, fully invested in their child’s outcomes but under-stimulated intellectually and lacking in their own passions outside of this role.




The person who pours their energy into exercise but is completely underutilised and unfulfilled in their career. When they really stop and feel into it, they feel totally powerless to change that, so they exercise all the more to stay up and out of that discomfort and disempowerment.




Often high-achievers don’t consider themselves high-achievers because they set the bar SO high for themselves they always feel they’re failing. Without addressing this, they can even reach a horribly-low point where they decide to stop trying (which will never sit well within them!) 




It’s common for high-achievers to feel like under-achievers because anything less than perfection simply won’t do! Their internal mind-chatter can be harshly debilitating and lead to even more stress and negative self-opinion.




Is this resonating??


Here’s the deal…if you’re yearning for something more…if you know that you are not honouring yourself in the ways you deserve, you need something to change in your life. 

We need to shake things up.

And get you back in touch with the part of you who knows, and does what they’re capable of.

That void isn’t going anywhere UNTIL you do the work.

It’s time…it’s time to explore what soul-deep happiness looks like for you

The time is now to get the support you need to change this! You do not have to do this on your own!

Are you ready?

If you are then we need to talk because my 5 month, TRANSFORMATION FOR LIFE Program is the perfect antidote for how you’re feeling right now.






You have a care label like a plant does.


It’s just not printed anywhere, which stimulates the need for self-enquiry.


When you feel wilted or burned around the edges, when you just can’t produce another flower or fruit, something important is missing in your life.


Those negative feelings, the resentment, the stress, the flatness (that is there when Surface Happiness isn’t happening), is your innate wisdom giving you feedback that you’re undernourished and not planted in the soil that is right for you!


In Phase One, we uncover the source of your yearning and come to a place of peace with who you are and the greatness you want for your life.


You’ll have new clarity on your own, unique happiness recipe and care label that will guide us as we forward, so that you’re never again living out of alignment with your true self.


I help you to lay your foundations with self-knowing and self-acceptance.





In this phase, we clearly identify anything that isn’t working and the things that are holding you back right now.


Here we build on your solid foundations for living your aligned and epic life, a life that doesn’t just look good from the outside but feels as good as it looks.


You will be able to set really clear boundaries and priorities for your life going forwards.


Together we’ll work to get you into your zone…you know the one…where you feel ALIVE, ALIGNED & ENERGISED.


We set goals that energise you – this is a burn-out free zone!


Doesn’t that sound good?





Phase three is all about practical implementation with a focus on solutions, progress and support.


This is the part you may have been stumped by in the past.


None of the books you’ve read or the events you’ve been to have explained how to implement tools and strategies into your unique circumstances, in a way that’s in total alignment with your values and with the time you can make available.


If you keep on doing, more or less, of what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting the same types of results.


This is one of the traps of ongoing personal development, looking for “the next thing” that’s going to make all the difference, without working with someone to individualise, personalise and implement the tools you’ve learned.


There is no substitute for the individualised support that takes YOU into account. While being heard and understood, I will support you in the steps you’re taking to be living the changes you’ve set for yourself (I am as excited and energised by your goals as you are! )


This last phase is what Transformation for Life is all about.


Once you have upgraded your personal operating system and learn to navigate all of the areas of your life with this enhanced self of self, you will never again return to how it’s been.


This is NOT a group program and in fact, it would be impossible TO run this as a group program because the focus is entirely on you and your specific needs.

This program is NOT a quick fix, fast-tracked, band-aid type solution to the yearning you have within you.

True and lasting transformation takes deep work and deep work takes time, so that’s why we’ll be working together closely for 5 months moving through each of the 3 phases at the right pace for you.

This program is unique to every individual I work with (because no two people are the same) so I’ll be drawing on my many years of experience to put together the perfect blend of inner work, tools and strategies that will enable your transformation to take place gently, as it is supposed to.

This journey is never about harshly judging and finding yourself lacking! It is about utilising the drive you have, to shine your proven skills and energetic light on the life areas that are yet to receive your focus. The ones that pull you down and make all the rest less enjoyable and less sustainable.

If this speaks to you then please click the button below to schedule a time for us to chat.

There is no obligation and no sales pressure on the call, it’s simply an opportunity to see if this program is a great fit for you and that we make a good team.

One thing I do promise though is that you’ll leave the call (having only invested your time) feeling better, regardless of whether we become Team YOU or not.

I hope we’ll be chatting soon.