Would you like to feel better?


Hi, I’m Iesha.

Since 1997 I’ve worked as a path-clearer for people looking for clarity & support so that what inspires their mind, body and soul is reflected in their personal and professional lives.

My transformational life coaching is the antidote to lack of direction, exhaustion, anxiety and overwhelm, enabling clients to invest more fully in creating their authentic and integrated, lasting happiness and success.

If you’re ready to connect to all your possibilities and make use of your innate wisdom and potential, I’d love to talk with you!

There comes a time when the bargaining you’re doing with yourself needs to end and settling for less needs to stop. The stress you’re experiencing isn’t meant to be “managed”, it’s your body working perfectly and giving you important feedback that something in your life experience needs to change! The dissatisfaction isn’t a petty wanting for things to be “perfect”, it’s a signal that you’re out of alignment with your authentic self. 














I’m sure there’s at least one area of your life that’s really working for you. It’s your comfort zone, the place where you’ve got runs on the board, where you trust that your efforts yield predictable and enjoyable results. Is it time to give your thoughts and energy to those other areas?  What about the joy that you know is possible? Are you living in alignment with your values in all the areas of your life? 






Let’s get real here for a minute….


What condition are your relationships really in?


How are your levels of self-worth, once you’re out of that comfort zone?


How much growth and inspiration is there in your day to day life?
(The real stuff, not the positive reframe you’re doing on that sub-standard situation and how it’s teaching you wonderful things to stay in it).


You may have read some self-help books, done some group, online programs and gone to personal-empowerment seminars, both spiritual and practically based, but what happens when it comes time to implement these tools and strategies in those life areas you struggle with?


There is no substitute for one-on-one support when you reach that point of deciding: It Is Time For This To Change! No book or group program can dive into your exact situation, and produce the best tools for someone in your specific circumstances. Nothing generic can support you out of your own unique way of pretending everything’s wonderful. Individually tailored sessions are about You, not some formula everyone’s expected everyone to follow. Empowerment, growth and congruent living are not One Size Fits All, that’s why we only get so far without personalised integration.

Together we can help you get clarity around your blind spots. We can set goals and action plans with zero burn-out! You can be understood, encouraged and supported as you implement the practical changes that will forever enhance your life experience. We will cultivate the perfect blend of inner work and outer, practical transformations.


SOUND GOOD? Then let’s talk. Book your free Discovery Session now, to see how we can work together, step by integrated step, to create lasting change in your life!